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Satin Moisture Shampoo


D’SERV Satin Moisture Shampoo / sulfate- free, (cleanses the scalp, and removes dandruff, and old product.

D’SERV SATIN MOISTURE SHAMPOO, is a sulfate free moisture shampoo. It is a clarifying shampoo, and can eliminate excessive shedding during the process of shampooing. It adds body, and recharges the hair, as it moves through the hair shaft, and scalp area. You receive a therapeutic massage experience!

Wetless Styling & Shampoo Cape

$12.99 {price_including_ tax}
  • Able to use as a shampoo or styling cape Machine Washable
  • Stain resistant
  • Neck-lift to protect neck from loose hair or product spills
  • Water-repellent