How To Get The Healthy Back In Your Hair

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(HOW TO GET THE HEALTHY BACK IN YOUR HAIR) is a tell all about stress in your hair, and many tips for salon professionals and for their customers. Stress comes in many ways and over 80 million people in the United States are on the fast past of loosing their hair! Author/ hairstylist Angela H. Brown wants to uncover some secrets that everyone should know and give new hope on wearing your own hair, or taking good care of your hair under a wig. Whether you have a chemical, natural hair, or weave, you could learn from this book. Enjoy two salon stories that are situations that may occur in the salon, there’re funny but true! Angela gives you all the tea on the first signs of balding, thinning, and how to have a new hope if you want to regrow your hair back! She also wrote a poem called (BLOWING IN THE WIND) is has a New Orleans flavor about how your real hair should feel and look with body and strength!


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