Strand Protectant Treatment Spray


D’Serv Strand Protectant Treatment Spray, is a phymolyde free, animo spray keratin treatment.

D’SERV STRAND PROTECTANT SPRAY TREATMENT is a deep rooted protein treatment conditioner, eliminating damage during the process of styling, or heat. Protect, can be used on all types of hair, chemical, or natural hair. It travels through the hair shaft protecting from environment, while strengthening the hair. The keratin protein treatment definitely reverses, weak, and damage hair. If hair is already healthy is it maintains it strength, and adds body, and longevity in any desired style. It also reacts as a cuticle sealer. For professional use only.

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Directions, shampoo the hair, and rinse. Use 1/4 parting, and spray treatment from root to tip of hair strand. Comb gently, and continue the process on entire head. Blow dry and style as desired. Cuff your hands to protect your client and your nose to prevent coughing. Repeat the process every 4-6 weeks. Also, every four weeks you can cocktail them with a mist just to loosen the hair or spot treat them. Remember for clients that have fine or thin hair use the treatment lightly until hair thickens. You can give them a quick warm rinse after you have completed the treatment, to assure that no extra product has been left outside the cuticle layer for extra body and shine! Please contact one of our D’Serv Dream Team professionals if you feel you may need a class demonstration, or a one on one to assure you are using the product with a complete understanding.

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