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Millions of people are suffering from hair loss across the world, because they ignore the first signs of thinning hair. You may ask-- why are the early signs so important? Early detection helps to prevent the appearance of thinning hair and the feeling there will never be any help for me. Ignoring the situation can cost you a lot of money and push you into wearing the famous hat called a wig or protective styles. However, do not worry. There is help for you and a supportive team to help you trust the process as you begin your healthy hair journey!

Here are five reasons why people lose their hair:

  • One of the main reasons for hair loss is due to living in the past. You may say-- I have had the same salon professional for years and he or she has been doing an excellent job, so why change. Well, your salon professional may be a great maintenance hair stylist, but healthy hair care may not be their area of expertise.

 Some don’t think they have a hair loss problem, until the problem boils over. Once you make your hair care concerns known, if they are ignored guess  who suffers-- you and your hair! If your salon professional is willing to use the right products that will help your hair, then you should stay.  If they turn a negative eye, then pack your products and go! If your hair care needs have changed and they are not being addressed, it’s time to move on.

  •  The next reason for hair loss is-- you love wearing protective styles and people compliment you on it every day. The attention is addictive and life is grand! However, when you remove the protective style the truth comes out and the hair loss begins. Now you are more concerned about what people might say over what truly needs to be done.


  • The third reason for hair loss is medications with side effects, getting older, stress, or a poor diet. When your immune system is not functioning properly or you become ill, this can not only affect your energy level, but also cause shedding. Now your confidence and self-esteem are low. You may need to consult your physician to see what medications can be taken that won’t cause hair loss. Getting in front of the problem will help. Do some research and find someone who will not just stick a bandaid on the problem, but cares and offers real solutions.


  • Wanting only maintenance service can cause hair loss as well. Many people are very impatient and want healthy hair in one hour. That is unreasonable. It may take up to 2-3 hours to get your hair done properly. Many have deep rooted issues, have neglected their hair over the years and need extensive care. However, clients stick to the famous comment--I promise I will get my treatment next time or how much does it cost? What are you saying when you sit in the chair and show a picture of a Louis Vuitton Bag, red bottom shoes or an expensive vacation. I have even heard clients say they are only willing to pay so much for their hair, and if it goes over their calculated amount they are not invested. What you are saying is-- you're not worth it or your hair is not worth it.


  • Alopecia is a hair cell killer. Most people with Alopecia have excepted the idea that they will never have healthy hair again. Alopecia has many levels. The main one that has a 50/50 chance of regrowing the hair back is Central Centrifugal Cicatricial Alopecia (CCCA), Alopecia, and Traction Alopecia. The epidermis covers the balding area, and that skin must be removed. You may have a chance to see your glory back with good plant base products and hair tools. Supplements also helps. It is still unknown how CCCA attacks the follicle and scalp, but most dermatologists say it comes from wearing weave, wigs, braids, too much heat, pulling on the hair regularly, and chemicals. Traction Alopecia is known from pulling on the hair and wearing protective styles that are not safe. These cases have shown that the follicles become weak and the scaring and discoloration begins.

These are five reasons why hair loss begins. However, there can be help with an open mind and patience. Many people suffer hair loss over the years, but want results in one week.

I have studied each of these reasons and have helped many people from behind the chair, and via zoom. There are products and tools you can use as well, with helpful tips and advice. We educate you and give you hope again. We understand hair loss can be a very sensitive matter, so we keep that in mind with your process.

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