Frequently Asked Questions

How many times do I use the Damage Reversal Elixir Oil?

You can use it twice a day if your trying to grow a beard, thinning spots or edges

How do I use the Apple Cider Strengthen Rinse?

You will shampoo 2-3 times, apply rinse up to 10-20 minutes then comb through massage hair and scalp. Rinse and apply Silk Milk Conditioner comb through quickly and rinse and style. Repeat once a month.

What are the benefits to Damage Reversal Elixir Oil?

Grow beards, edges, thinning hair, and stops itching. Also adds moisture, and works as a hot oil.

Is the Protectant Treatment Spray a product to take to my salon professional?

Yes, it is this product has instructions for a salon professional to understand. Please give to your salon professional.

Can I use these products on any texture?


If the Protectant Treatment has a dull stiff feel what should I do?

You should rinse the hair with warm water, and apply the Silk Milk Conditioner quickly then rinse and style.

If the Damage Reversal Elixir Oil is too oily what should I do?

Then your applying to much, turn the nozzle a little then apply, you may be opening the nozzle completely open. Also focus on your scalp only and quickly apply in a circular motion.

If I am using the Protectant Treatment on my clients, how often should I use it?

You should use it every 6-12 weeks when doing the full treatment, and in between you can cocktail / mist it on every 4 weeks.

How do I apply the treatment?

Apply to wet hair, on damp hair, and cuff your hands and place the bottle behind your hand and then spray on each section. Also you can spray on dry hair as aprotectant before a relaxer or color treatment, just mist it in applying to hair stands only.

Should I buy the system if I am a salon professional or just use any shampoo and conditioner?

No you should use all the products to assure to get best results!

Will my hair fall back out if I stop using D’Serv Products?

No it will not, unless you begin to go back to old habits that caused the hair to loose it’s strength.

Can I use D’Serv if I have Alopecia, Lupus, High Blood Pressure, or weave damage?

Yes you can we do recommend that you consult and take products to a salon professional, or give us a call to assure proper use.

I am a salon professional so why am I not getting a lot of body on my client's hair after the treatment?

You are maybe using too much setting lotion, foam wrap, or oil on the hair this treatment is oil free! The cuticle is open and our products are concentrated, a little goes a long way! Reframe from over applying products to style the hair for better performance!

How do I use the Perfect Performance Foam Wrap, and can I use it on all textures?

You only need a little bit, so test it on the thickness of your hair. Example, if your hair is fine then start off with two pumps, and comb it through out your hair. Medium hair three pumps, and thick hair four pumps through out the hair. It won't itch, and have a pasty feel, also you can apply on warm hair it is the best performance! You can set natural hair, or relaxed hair, or just embrace your natural curls. The foam wrap will even lay down stubborn curly hair eliminating frizz. The foam wrap is concentrated, and has a beautiful shine to your hair!