Fall is here! 
Kicking off the fall can be amazing, with your favorite fashion attire, and high heel boots! The weather is exactly right, and the leaves are falling everywhere. Your hair will go through pruning season, which means it will shed, and hair should replace itself! When hair doesn’t replace then shedding season can be a nightmare! I am here to save you from any stress and from too much shedding! 
Pour yourself your favorite drink and sit back and take all the hair tips in, YOU READY! 

What Are the Signs Of Shedding?

Sometimes it could be a little hair in the shampoo bowl, at the salon, or hair falling in the shower. You may be in seasonal shedding during the fall. Did you know hair could shed from poor diet, or lack of protein & hydration? Your body knows when the season is changing as well. The hair bulb tip if dry is white in color that is scalp. Now do not get nervous, there is help for you. When going through hair loss, you should move extremely fast on treating your hair with plant-based products. So let me give you some tips that just might ease your mind during fall.

Fall Hair Tips 

If you are going to the salon, then ask your stylist for a protein treatment under the steam dryer. Now for those of you who prefer to treat your hair at home you can steam in the shower or at the gym in the spa & steam room. This allows your hair and scalp to eliminate excessive shedding. I recommend D’Serv Chebe Food Treatment Bundle.

This treatment allows you to have protein, hydration, and a well healthy scalp. Also remember to detox your scalp at least once a month to prevent inflammation, and a dry scalp. You also want a shiny coat with brilliant, beautiful hair. 

Hair Tools for Home

When you are at home make sure you maintain your edges, crown, & nape area. I suggest every morning to put a little hair growth oil on every thinning scalp area. Also, at night because hair grows at night, that is where the dermis produces natural vitamins. Keep a double-sided satin bonnet to keep moisture wrapped tight to make sure your hair does not start to dry out. Also bend your head between your legs and brush your hair or massage your scalp to get the natural vitamins flowing.

Tips for Protective Styles

Now in the fall sometimes you might want to remove your braids, weaves, hair clips etc. to give your hair a break. Also, if not and you are not able to remove your (HAIR HAT), then we understand, and will give you some tips. Your real hair style lasts longer in the fall because the weather is much better than summertime. Well, if you say the seasons do not matter because you will aways wear protective styles then that is fine. So, take advantage of putting your elixir oil on your scalp to make sure you keep your braid from shedding when you take them on your own. Now a little tip before you get your protective style protein treatment, and when you take it out treat your hair again, clip your ends, to eliminate damage while wearing your style. The fall is great, but the fall or shedding in your hair can be prevented!


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