The moment we have begun to wear protective styles we have lost the love for our Glory. God gave us our glory and it is beautiful, but we have become in a sly way brainwashed that foreign hair is more beautiful and attractive! How did we get here? My theory is that we have encountered so many ways to damage our glory with relaxers, perms, overuse of heat, and abandoning our scalp and hair. Do we stimulate our scalps anymore or brush our hair at night? The answer is no we have become lazy, and we get up early in the morning maintaining our weaves and wigs.

Now there are some of us who unfortunately have gotten bitten by Alopecia, side effects from medications or genetics, or extreme stress issues.  These cases have imprisoned us in thinking nothing can ever help us, and this is not true in some cases. Angela H. Brown, a Hair Care Specialist in Memphis Tennessee thinks differently. She has for over 36 years, researched, and tried and tested that hair will grow and become healthy. In her research, she discovered that some hair and scalps have gone beyond regaining 100% recovery, but will at least get 85% restored with treatments, and regular salon visits from hair care professionals. Not every salon professional cares about regrowing hair if their clientele is not based upon regrowing hair.

How do we start to care about our hair again? One idea is to change your mindset and have hope mixed with faith that with the right products and coaching you will have wonderful results! The hair will grow if you do your research and forget what the negative thoughts tell you. Focus on a goal have patience and learn to trust the process.  Invest in yourself, you DSERVE IT!

Remember when your hair was flowing and full of life, or you never had any beautiful hair now is the time to see what GOD has for you underneath that wig or weave. You will need plant-based products, hair tools, and safe styles with a positive attitude.

I remember trying eyelashes for the first time, and it took my original lashes out, I liked the look, and kept wearing them. Well, that day came when I began to miss my REAL LASHES, and it was too late they were gone! I am asking you will you release your protective style before ALL YOUR HAIR IS GONE, to never return? Go back to the back in the day picture of your hair blowing in the wind. Love your GLORY again and treat it well before it leaves you and thinks you have fallen out of LOVE with your hair!

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