About D'Serv Professional Hair Care

D'Serv Professional Hair Care products are a plant based, all-natural treatment system, developed by Angela H. Brown. Angela is a native Memphian and she started out over 38 years ago as a salon professional. She specializes in healthy hair and was certified as a hair and scalp specialist for Nioxin Professional Hair Care prior to developing her own line of products.

She is also the author of her second published book-- How to Get the Healthy Back in Your Hair. Many of her readers often asked-- why don't you have your own hair care products? Well she decided to answer that question and has worked hard to bring her products to fruition and make her dream a reality. It started in her kitchen with her chemist to research the formula for her first product that she calls-- Damage Reversal Elixir Oil. This product successfully stops shedding and itching, and thickens the hair. Angela filled her first bottles of the Damage Reversal Elixir Oil, and labeled them along with the help of her best friend and husband, Perry C. Brown, who supports her in all her business endeavors. Other products have followed to complete her treatment system. Her products are now being manufactured, sold in select salons and beauty supply stores across the U.S., and in some foreign countries.  

D’Serv is about serving and giving the highest quality products without compromising ingredients. D'Serv is changing the beauty industry!

D’Serv Mission Statement

The D’Serv mission is to equip service providers with an effective hair care system that is designed to restore, reconstruct and rebuild the hair-bonds, while using key ingredients responsible for creating an optimum environment to promote hair growth.

D’Serv has a Dream Team that travels to conduct educational classes and explain how to properly use the products to salon professionals, so that their clients can gain optimal results from the use of D'Serv products. We also sell retail products to customers for ongoing maintenance. This allows customers and clients to continue their healthy hair journey in between salon visits. D’Serv has changed the lives of people following hair loss due to cancer, stress, thinning, and balding. The D'Serv brand is for all hair types, including color treated, natural, relaxed, permed, and those transitioning from chemically treated hair.

Try it today because you simply D’SERV it!!!

See our store locations page for a list of stores located in the Memphis and Nashville areas.