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Apple Cider Rinse


Apple Cider Rinse

D’Serv Apple Cider Strengthening Rinse, Clarifying, Seals Cuticle Layer, Thickens, reduces shedding Adds shine, weightless. Great for reducing dry frizzy hair, and restores your colors! Enjoy ENDLESS body and shine your hair blowing in the wind! Deep rooted cleansing!!


D’SERV Detox Treatment

$63.96 $54.37

REMOVE: stubborn dandruff, excessive oils, and enhance your natural color while strengthening your hair. A hair lovers detox dream! D’SERV Detox Treatment.


D’SERV Moisturizing Cleansing

$43.97 $37.38

Want to feel an extra cleanse without removing your natural oil? Give your hair moisture with a weightless feel! Extra body and shine! Use elixir to regrow edges. and apply twice a day

D’SERV New Edges & Thicker Hair


New edges & thicker hair, regrow your edges or men grow your beard, and add moisture, with no itching! Enjoy two for the price of one, our 4 ounce Damage Reversal Elixir Oil! Use two times a day for faster results!


D’SERV Regrowth System

$95.96 $81.57

Detox. Eliminate shedding. Remove product fillers. Aid hair growth. Strengthen hair in just 20 minutes with the D’SERV Regrowth System.

D’Serv Smooth Sleek Clear Edge Control


No more thin edges from any edge controls! D’Serv Smooth Sleek Clear Edge Control adds shine and you keep your edges! D’Serv Smooth Sleek Clear Edge Control keeps edges thick, and with a beautiful smooth shine!

  • For natural hair
  • Keeps a beautiful shine
  • Light with firm hold
  • No product build up
  • Last all day

Damage Reversal Elixir


Damage Reversal Elixir, (softens, detangles, eliminates shedding, regrows the hair, helps Cancer free customers regrow hair to grow in months, environment friendly, gives everlasting shine and can be used to stop itching, on sun tans, psoriasis, eczema, and dandruff. Grows your edges in weeks, and gives men that thick new beard!

Hair Growth System


Complete system comes with Protectant Treatment, Restored Conditioner, Reversal Elixir and Moisture Shampoo

  • Add moisture and shine
  • Reverses damaging hair
  • Strengthens and lengthens all textures
  • Sulfate-free & formaldehyde free

Satin Moisture Shampoo


D’SERV Satin Moisture Shampoo / sulfate- free, (cleanses the scalp, and removes dandruff, and old product.

D’SERV SATIN MOISTURE SHAMPOO, is a sulfate free moisture shampoo. It is a clarifying shampoo, and can eliminate excessive shedding during the process of shampooing. It adds body, and recharges the hair, as it moves through the hair shaft, and scalp area. You receive a therapeutic massage experience!

Silk Milk Restored Conditioner


Silk Milk Restored conditioner / can be used as a co-wash, deep rooted conditioner, and leave in, ( softens, moisturizer, adds body, decreases shedding, detangles. Paraben free

D’SERV SILK MILK RESTORED Sulfate Free, hydrating conditioner strengthens the hair leaving a silky touch. D’Serv Silk Milk Restored has natural oils that can prevent unwanted split ends. It adds body, moisture, and eliminates shedding, and breakage. It conditions, and exfoliates the scalp, and unwanted dandruff on the scalp. As a bonus it is a co-wash conditioner as well.

Strand Protectant Treatment Spray


D’Serv Strand Protectant Treatment Spray, is a phymolyde free, animo spray keratin treatment.

D’SERV STRAND PROTECTANT SPRAY TREATMENT is a deep rooted protein treatment conditioner, eliminating damage during the process of styling, or heat. Protect, can be used on all types of hair, chemical, or natural hair. It travels through the hair shaft protecting from environment, while strengthening the hair. The keratin protein treatment definitely reverses, weak, and damage hair. If hair is already healthy is it maintains it strength, and adds body, and longevity in any desired style. It also reacts as a cuticle sealer. For professional use only.